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Outsource Your Operations As Much As Possible

One difference between buying a stock and hoping it increases in value and short selling a stock is the percentages of potential positive and negative returns. They are inverse.

Short Sell:

Max Return: 100% of the value of the stock on the day you short it.

Max Risk: Unlimited Loss Potential.

Traditional Buy and Sell:

Max Return: Unlimited

Max Risk: 100% of the value of the stock on the day you buy it.

Let’s compare this to your investment in operations and fulfillment versus marketing.

Operations and Fulfillment:

Max Return: The difference between how cheaply you can achieve your stated outcome and how cheaply you could buy the outcome as a service.

Max Risk: The entire value of your investment PLUS the opportunity cost of using your mental and physical capacity on a project that has a small maximum return instead of focusing on an area of your business that has unlimited potential return, such as….


Max Return: Limited by the max potential addressable customer base that you can profitably market to.

Max Risk: 100% of the cost of the marketing (labor, google / facebook / print costs, etc.).

Don’t get me wrong, someone has to do the operational stuff. I think it is smart to outsource as much of it as possible when it does not provide you a meaningful advantage that leads to profits greater than the risk of assuming the costs yourself.

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