Kevin Stecko is the founder and president of  He's been operating the business since December of 1999.

The Problem With Selling Motivation

I have a high school friend and a relative who have gone into business trying to be a motivation coach.  I don't see this working out too well.  Anyone who is willing to pay someone to help them get motivation probably doesn't actually need motivation in the general sense.  What they probably need is someone to help them overcome their fear of not knowing how to do what they think they want.

If they knew how to do it, then only a lack of motivation would cause them to not follow through.  But I believe that is almost never the case.  A lack of motivation is the result of them not knowing how to do it.  I would think a "let me hold your hand while we get started together" service would be much better.  Want to start your own business?  Let me hold your hand while you get the paperwork and a preliminary plan done.  Want to lose weight?  Let me come to your house and throw away all the junk and processed foods and show you to cook with real foods that will actually fill you up.  

The issue here is that if you don't know how to do these things it's going to be very inefficient for you to learn and then be able to hold my hand.  

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