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Director of Ecommerce Marketing Job Posts

I've seen a lot of colleagues of mine in the small ecommerce space try to hire a director or marketing.  They want a person who is great at Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook typically.  I think they are totally wrong to think one person would be good at all of these things.  I'll detail my reasons below:

  • User Interface:  Each system has it's own UI, and to have success someone needs to really dig in.  
  • Personality:  A facebook marketer is part data focused, but also much more content focused.  If you don't have great content on FB you're toast.  Adwords marketing is much more data focused.  Analytics of course is full of data, but it takes an artist to turn it into anything actionable.
  • Time:  Very few of these job posts state that the director will actually be directing anyone, so it's a fancy way of saying "you're the entire marketing department".  
  • Wages:  Someone who is good at any one of these individual areas would be able to leverage it into a nice agency business.  If one individual was really good at all these things they should probably earn $250k per year.

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