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A Jurassic Exclusive

Dinosaurs have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike since the first bones were discovered. 

Michael Crichton had a knack for writing stories about theme parks where the guests die at the hands of the attractions.  The first was Westworld, which he followed with Jurassic Park.  The genius behind Jurassic Park is that it seems plausible that cloning an extinct species back into existence could happen.  So it follows that it would be plausible that a Dinosaur zoo would exist once the cloning began.  Because Crichton thought of this first and it became widely known that he created this concept, he essentially has an exclusive on it.  Anyone that wants to make dinosaur fiction where they interact with human beings in current time will be seen as a copycat.

So that means that the only way you can make dinosaur fiction that doesn't feel like a cheap retread is to anthropomorphize the dinosaurs (see Good Dinosaur, Walking with Dinosaurs Movie, Land Before Time series) or to send people back in time (Terra Nova did this, and ironically enough Steven Spielberg was involved).

The point is that it is possible to take something old, put a new spin on it, and then essentially own that spin.  The key is to let the world know about your spin so that someone else who is a better marketer can't beat you at the awareness game.



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